What time do I need to be there?

Meet Warm Ups occur at different times for the various age groups. Group 1: (Boys & Girls 13-19) @ 6:45 am Group 2: (Boys & Girls 11-12 and Boys 9-10) @ 7:00 Group 3: (Boys & Girls 8 & Under and Girls 9-10) @ 7:15

What should the swimmer wear?

Wear your team swim suit, bring a towel or two, flip flops and appropriate outerwear based on the weather. Don’t forget sunscreen and/or hat.

What should I bring for food and water?

Bring a packed lunch with snacks and water or bring money to purchase from concessions. Pizza is available midway through the meet for a price at concessions. **Please note no food is allowed inside the Pool Fencing.**

Who can attend the swim meet?

Family members and friends are welcome to attend the swim meets at no cost. The pool facility will be very full with swimmers, coaches, meet officials, volunteers, and spectators.

Where do swimmers and families congregate?

For home meets many swimmers and families bring camp or beach chairs and blankets to fill up the grass space inside the pool fencing. There are team E-Z ups because it can be very sunny.

How can I volunteer to work or contribute to a swim meet?

The Barracudas will send out a Sign-Up Genius in advance of each meet. It will detail the available jobs and the time slots along with the points allocated to each job. Please try to spread out your volunteerism throughout the season. Yes, is it reassuring to get all 8 points in the first meet but each meet takes a village to run successfully.

Where do I go the day of the meet for volunteering?

Just before your designated time, check in with the Volunteer Coordinator so they can note your presence for points and direct you to your post.

Where can I watch my swimmer?

For home meets, families are allowed inside the pool fencing on meet days. And you are encouraged to stand at the pool, the side opposite the starting blocks, and cheer on your swimmer for their race. Please be respectful of other spectators and be a positive audience member for all swimmers!

How long does the swim meet last?

The home meets start at 8:00 am and typically wrap up between noon and 1 pm. No swimmer should leave the meet without first checking in with a coach.

How can I see what races my swimmer is participating in for the meet?

The meet entries per swimmer will be posted on the wall opposite the lifeguard room inside the pool house. It is recommended parents bring a Sharpie to write the race numbers on their swimmer’s hand/arm.