I got my swim coaching start when I was first hired as a Jr. Assistant Coach for the summer recreational team that I grew up swimming for.  I fell in love with coaching from day one.  Since then, coaching competitive swimming has nearly always been a part of my life.  I have coached for numerous USA Swimming Clubs in several different parts of the country, including tenures with Sun Devil Aquatics (now Pitchfork Aquatics) and Scottsdale Aquatics Club in Arizona, Team Foxjet Swimming in Minnesota, Edge Swim Team in Vermont and currently Storm Swim Team here in NH.   I have had the opportunity to work under some of the top coaches in the country over the past two decades and love sharing their wisdom and expertise with those swimmers I get to work with.


I reside in Bedford with my family, where our children attend school and I currently teach in the K+ program!  I hold my B.M. in Music Education and M.Ed in Higher and Postsecondary Education.  I absolutely love working with children and always have.   I firmly believe that swimming is the best sport on the planet and can't wait to share my love of it with you!   I just know that we are going to have a great summer this year and look forward to June!


I have been an Assistant Coach at the YMCA of Greater Nashua for the last year.  I came back to swim coaching last spring after years away.  Before this, I was the Head Coach at the Cambridge YMCA and an Assistant Coach for a summer swim program in New Jersey, where I grew up.  I swam competitively for a USS team for 12 years and always swam in our summer league, a group of beach clubs who swam against each other.  It was at this point where I began to realize I wanted to coach swimming part-time.  We had a junior coach program, which I participated in, working with younger, developmental swimmers under our head and assistant coaches’ guidance.  I love these types of programs, as they allow older swimmers to get involved in swimming in a new way: motivating and mentoring younger swimmers, who look at them as a role model. 

Since graduating from Boston University in May 2009, I have been involved in education at some level.  I have taught elementary through graduate school, though most of my time has been spent at the secondary level.  Right now, I teach High School Math in Lawrence Public Schools.  I am also the Department Chair and a mentor to a first-year teacher there.  I live in Nashua with my wife and two year old son, who loves going to the Y and swimming.